5 Great Study Abroad Locations for History Students

The first name that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking about universities in America is Harvard. This world class institution has an excellent history department offering undergraduate and graduate programmes. The name Harvard is synonymous with success in academia and is discerning in choosing its students. If you are lucky enough to get a place, then be prepared to explore your subject in as much depth as is possible. While it has high standards and demands, the rewards are equally as good, a degree from Harvard opens the door to many careers. Another excellent university with a world-class reputation in history is UCB, University of California Berkely.

What is available in the UK and Europe

As a student of history, it is exciting and motivating to be studying for your Bachelor in History degree, in a place where history is at its core. The top university in this respect would be Oxford in England. Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university in the world; teaching has been here since 1096. The town and area are not only historical but very popular with tourists and students. Hence lively and exciting. Studying history here quite literally has you experiencing it on a day to day basis. Study at the Sorbonne would be another choice, history, art and living in Paris – what more could a history student want?

Want to go further afield?

Studying history in Australasia is an attractive option. The Australian National University (ANU) is a globally recognised, research-intensive institution which attracts many visiting Fellows to it three centres; Environmental History, Biography, and Indigenous History. For students who want to study modern history, this is the university for you. Based in Canberra, the University is ideally situated to explore the country alongside your studies. Studying history abroad can be an interesting and exciting opportunity to not only explore your subject in depth but the chance to experience a culture other than your own, to develop not only academic skills but gain valuable life experience.

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