Battle: The Keys to Victory!

The art of waging war on fellow humans has been studied ever since the very first tribe attacked a neighbouring one in search of food, women, territory or simple treasure.

The act of waging war has changed over the years simply because the rudiments required to fight those battles has changed greatly over the millennia. Early battles were a thing of horror with men (and sometimes even women!) attacking each other with whatever crude weapons they could get their hands on and basically raging along killing anything that moved on the battlefield with little thought given to tactics or overall strategy.


As the weapons of war became more refined and the world moved to a state of belligerence between large tribes of people the way of conducting wars started being different.

Much more emphasis was then placed on tactics, and the fighting of wars became a trade that some men excelled at while others could not rise to the challenge.

No longer would infantry simply meet in the middle to battle it out until one was decimated.

With the introduction of heavy horse cavalry and the employment or archers the battle became a place to be stage-managed by Generals and Kings who would decide where and when to employ certain factions of their might, so that they would do the most damage while receiving as little as possible.

The basic tactic for most European armies of the Middle or Dark ages was to use the archers from a distance to “soften” up the enemy formations.

The order would then be given for the charge of the heavy horse. These massive beasts with armoured and heavily armed soldiers atop would charge the enemy formations with the intensity and destructive capabilities of an armoured tank brigade to mow down the enemy under foot and sword or pike.

Only after this had occurred would the order go out for the infantry to enter the fray and decide who would be the victor this day!

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