History: Weapons in War Over Time

The history of warfare and weapons is fascinating. Not only are they as old as man, basically, but when they were invented they changed dramatically the course of human evolution.

There are evidences that support the theory that spears were used as weapons by humans as early as 400,000 BC. There is a species of chimpanzees that also uses spears to hunt food in the water.

Poison darts were used in the 25-40,000 BC era, again for hunting purposes. Boomerangs appeared around 23,000 BC in Australia.ftbenning1950

Men started using bows and arrows for hunting as well as wars in the 20,000 BC era and are widely accepted as the first weapons of warfare.

Humans later started domestically breeding horses for traveling and attacking in the 5300 BC era. These first evidences come from what today is known as Kazakhstan. The Bronze Age, around 5000 BC, owns its name to the fact that men learned how to produce metal daggers and swords that changed the way humans fought and hunted.

In 800-1300 AD, Chinese people invented gun powder and the history of warfare was rewritten. Then it was primarily used for “fire arrow’, but quickly led to use of primitive style bombs and other weapons.

1200-1600 AD is known as the Golden Age of Islam when Egyptians were the first to develop technology to use small firearms using gun powder in the Battle of Ain Jalut.

In 1400 AD, archery was discovered and effectively used by the English army to take down the French army that was 8-10 times bigger than theirs in the battle of Agincourt.

Before 1600 AD, guns were fired using a matchstick, but the Ming Dynasty of China further advanced their original technology which effectively eliminated the need to firm a hand gun using a match stick.

In 1775, America invented the submarine and took water warfare to a new level. In 1800, the shrapnel was invented that were first used to fire multiple bullets, but later were replaced with bombs in the World War 1. A revolver was invented by America in 1800 too.