The period often referred to as the “Medieval Times” or the “Middle Ages” was particularly a nasty time in the history of Europe.

The time period in question began in the 5th Century and lasted until about the 15th Century, and is commonly considered the middle period of the three periods of Western History with the first being the period of “Classical Antiquity”, and the “Modern Times” being the last and the one you currently live in.

The Medieval period is also commonly broken down into three separate and distinct times as well the Early, High and Late periods.

The period really began with the decline and fall of the world’s largest and longest lasting empire, “The Western Roman Empire” which ruled much of the area now known as Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and some of the areas of modern day Belgium and The Netherlands.

This period was a period of great strife and war. Conquests were part of the fabric of life and many civilizations flourished and many were relegated to the pages of history books.

The weaponry and tactics used in the Middle Ages were as varied as the civilizations that inhabited it.

The period brings to mind the armored knight astride his charger heading into battle against incredible odds to vanquish the enemy and save the damsel in distress.

The reality was somewhat different and much more brutal than anything you can now imagine in the 21st Century.

In the following pages, you will explore some of the great battles of the Middle Ages and the weaponry that facilitated those battles.