We picked up a copy and checked it out thoroughly. Let’s take a look and see what Fat Burning Furnace is all about…

Basic ConceptsFat Burning Furnace Review

The basic concept behind the Fat Burning Furnace theory is that of boosting your metabolism by building lean muscle through short bursts of interval type training. At the beginning of his book, Rob Poulos takes a stance against the typical cardio workout that 95% of the population seems to pursue, and is also perpetrated by various fitness experts and gyms. Poulos states that this method of exercise is not nearly as effective at burning fat quickly as short bursts of intense training – also known as interval training.

Instead, Poulos asks to to leave java burn behind your boring old cardio routine in favor of a shorter but more intense workout. In fact, this workout will only take you about 20 minutes around three times a week.Check Now!

Fat Burning Furnace Pros.

  • You can work out both in the gym and at home with the same effectiveness either with weights or using only your own body-weight.
  • Short working out routines – 25-35 minutes 2-3 times per week. No long traditional cardio workouts (not an advantage if you are a fan of long traditional cardio).
  • Solid nutrition plan based on comfortable eating of natural healthy foods.
  • Detailed meal plans with recipes.
  • Email support in case you have questions.
  • Suitable for men and women of any age.
  • Allows you to burn fat and tone muscles underneath (arms, legs, thighs, waist e.t.c) so you become lean and attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Special workouts for total beginners to run-in into the program as intermediate and advanced workouts would be too tough for beginners.
  • This fitness package is a great overall plan to build a healthy body and boost your cardiovascular health. It’s a very fun concept, especially for those who are tired of boring cardio workouts such as jogging and riding the stationary bike – and most of the time aren’t seeing any results anyway!

    The guide has good photos to demonstrate the exercises, although you might want to pick up a book from the library on how to properly perform all exercises described by Poulos. This was the only area of the book we found a bit lacking. Make sure you’re doing the exercises right to avoid injury.

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